Dear Colleagues

Dear Participants of the 12th ACU 2014, Kish Island, Iran.

After two years of hard work and relentless efforts of the organizing committees and UAA Executives and UAA Office along with the broad participation of many prominent lecturers from around the world, the 12th ACU bore fruit in the beautiful Kish Island “the Pearl of the Persian Gulf” with its most pleasant weather of the year.

Regarding the 12th ACU, we were committed to offer 3 important symbolic qualities typical to Iran and Iranians to our distinguished participants, including History, Hospitality and a High-level scientific meeting as our goals in holding this congress. And today, I have the honor to inform you that many of our international lecturers and participants from near and far abroad believed these objectives have been achieved in a satisfactory manner.











To present the rich history of Iran besides entertaining sightseeing tours around Kish Island, Persian dining feast, folk music from different parts of this vast country, and exclusive handicrafts, we also provided the opportunity for the adventurous colleagues who were interested to visit the inland familiarizing with the ancient Iran. Provided images of the tours illustrates the joy and satisfaction of our guests.

Hospitality as an old Iranian tradition is deeply rooted in Persian culture. We have done our best to make your trip to Iran an enjoyable experience of togetherness along with its rich scientific aspects. Although it is not easy to satisfy all the tastes and perspectives from different cultures, the feedback we received from the participants and their experience traveling to Iran has been generally positive. We would like to sincerely thank you for your patience and compassion at the time of fatigue traveling, and your generosity in ignoring minor drawbacks.

This congress has been approved of having a comprehensive and productive scientific knowledge. All the joint sessions with many international prominent urological societies, live surgeries in 3 days, group discussions based on well-known urologists’ surgery videos world-wide, the educational ICS course workshop, panels and the last but not least a variety of renowned lecturers coming from Europe, Asia, America, Oceania, and Africa have assembled an exclusive collection of experienced urologists from all 5 continents of the world together to result in a high-profile Educational Meeting.

Therefore, I am honored to inform you that the 12th Asian Congress of Urology is believed to fulfill its objectives based on the affectionate comments of a large number of participants. A selection of heartwarming feedbacks received from my respected friends and colleagues will be published very soon in this website.

Hope to see you in ACU 2015, Shanghai!

Thanks & Regards

Jalil . Hosseini 
President, UAA

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